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Library Rules

The regulations cover the use of materials and facilities, the prohibition of inappropriate activities and the penalties for infringement. These regulations have been prepared by the Library Committee and approved by the DEAN ESIC-MC & PGIMSR, Joka and supported administration. They are subject to review from time to time

The following rules for the guidance of all concerned will take effect from the date of issue.

  1. The library is intended for the use of the teachers and students of the college and the medical officers and the post graduate trainees of the attached hospital.
  2. The working hours 9.00 am to 7.00 pm on week days, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturday.
  3. Books and journals issued for the use in the Library for study shall not to be taken outside the Library hall. Reference books, such as- Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and CDs are only for use in the Library and will not be available for home issue. Any person losing or damaging or mutilating a book/journals/CD will replace it or pay its current price value. When it belongs to a set or series, unless it can be replaced he/she will pay the current price value of the whole set or series. The Librarian will bring to the notice of the Chairman of the Library Committee any loss or damage immediately for necessary action and will act accordingly.
  4. Two cards will be issued to each student for use of the books:
    1. Card for study in the Library may be issued to any student including Post Graduate students for reading purpose.
    2. Maximum two books may be issued to a student in case of UG and PG course.
    3. Maximum two books can be issued for faculties/SR/JR/Tutors.
  5. Return of borrowed books:
    1. All books would be taken out of Library must be returned to the Librarian within 15 days by the student.
    2. All books that are taken out of Library must be returned to the Librarian within one month by the faculties (to be renewed depending on the availability or demand, in that case 3 months of maximum period will be allowed).
  6. Internet facility will be used for only education purpose. No access to the personal e-mail/face book or other social network sites is allowed.
  7. The students will submit the requisition slip for home issue from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm and can issue such books before 4.00 pm on week days except Saturday from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm.
  8. All readers must show their Library Id card to issue any book or journal.
  9. All transfer, posting, retirements, release or termination of the period of training (as in case of interns post-graduate students and resignation from their post must be intimated to the Librarian in time and their last payment of remuneration, stipend should not be released without clearness certificate from the Library.
  10. Nobody except the Library staff is permitted to take out the books from the almirahs or from the stacks. No furniture of the Library should be removed from one place to other.
  11. Smoking in the Library is strictly prohibited.
  12. Silence and cleanliness would be observed in the Library.
  13. Mobile phones must be switched off or on silence mode in the Library.
  14. Food & drink should not be carried in the Library.
  15. Users are required to leave their bags and any reading materials at the entrance desk.
  16. Photo copying facility will be available in the Library (Only for faculty). Readers must obey the law of copy right. However, permission from Librarian is essential for photocopy of books.
  17. All students leaving the Library with paper in their possession must show them to a member of Library staff on request.
  18. The use of personal radios, cassettes, laptops and CD players and any kind of electronic materials is not permitted in the Library.
  19. The use of laptop in the library is permitted in designed laptop zones where these exist, provided they are not a nuisance to other users.
  20. All readers must show the Library I-card to enter the Library (without Library I-card nobody will have access to the Library facility).
  21. The Library will be under surveillance of CCTV.
  22. In case of loss of I-card duplicate card will only be issued if authority is satisfied with performances and after due intimation to appropriate authority.
  23. All books issued on loan must be returned to the library 10 days before the commencement of annual stock-verification.
  24. Library is fully digitization and OPEC search is available.
  25. For the purpose of e- resources, user ID & password is not transferable.
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